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Church Insurance Options

Please download and complete the following applications.

Church Property Casualty Insurance Application


Church Risk Management Manual
Church Financial Guidelines for Receipts & Deposits
Lightning Protection-Church Steeples
Copper Theft Prevention
Church Loss Prevention for Inflatable Play Equipment


Church Vehicle Inspection Form
Motor Vehicle Safety Form
New Driver Information Form
Preventing Backing Accidents 


Emergency Shelter Guidelines
Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
Rooftop AC Hurricane Strapping
What to do if a Loss Occurs
Church Property Loss Form 


Day Care Operations – Ergonomics Checklist
Day Care Safety List
Handbook for Playground Safety
Playground Safety Checklist
Preventing Back Injuries
Preventing Slips and Falls
Youth Church Activity Waiver
Volunteer Worker Waiver 

Your congregation cherishes their church. Every day this building houses the hopes, dreams and prayers of those who choose to worship in its pews. Protecting the building is vital, and buying insurance for the potential disasters that can befall this fragile and symbolic structure could mean the difference between allowing your congregation the privilege of another place to worship or losing them as you struggle financially to pick up the pieces.

But the building isn’t the only thing to protect in your church. Whether you need liability coverage for the professional pastoral counseling your church offers, sexual misconduct, employment practice, or onsite day care and private school operations, we can get you the right coverage and we can give it to you all in one policy. Our specialty Church Insurance agent has 18 years of experience as a risk manager for a statewide religious insurance program and understands the day to day operations of managing a religious environment.

Don’t expose your congregation to a financially devastating loss of their spiritual home and haven of fellowship from wind damage or liability problems that result in fees and lawsuits, get a quote for wind coverage and liability today.

For any inquires, you can contact the following agent directly.
Wilma Miller. Email is

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